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Thank you to our loyal fans for hanging with us as we continue to look for the best place in Austin to set up shop! 

Our first location early last year didn't work out like we wanted, but we should have some exciting news about our new brick-and-mortar Austin home in the coming months.

All we really want to do is serve the best damn no-fuss BBQ that Austin has ever seen. We are super close to making that a reality and doing it in a casual lunch and dinner setting that everyone can enjoy.

Thanks again for sticking with us while...

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Podcasting with Man Meat BBQ - The Interview

Austin Barbeque BBQ Brisket Pork Ribs Pulled Pork Texas

Recently had the privilege of spending an hour or so chatting with Podcaster/Blogger Mikey from Man Meat BBQ about  pork, Austin, oak vs. cherry, old school cooking in oil barrels and holes in the back yard, and how when all else fails the best advice is to sip some bourbon and enjoy your cooking.

Take a listen to Pitmaster Marcus McNac talk about the evolution of Crimson Creek Smokehouse from small competition cook/caterer to restaurant owner, and what it's like for his wife Jamie (a vegetarian from Chicago) to share his love and appreciation for BBQ and BBQ culture.…/mmb-the-podcast-ep14-chat-with-…


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Porkify Austin

Austin Barbeque BBQ Brisket Pork Ribs Pulled Pork Texas

Somewhere over the last 10 years or so Austin, TX has become a renowned barbeque destination of sorts.

Perhaps because of the proximity to the famous BBQ Mecca of Lockhart,TX, or because foodies have fallen in love with the local Celebrity Hipster Chefs like Paul Qui and Aaron Franklin...but now a town that was always about Tex-Mex and Tofu is now the smoked meat capital of the planet.... and it's all about Beef.

Which is why we are on a mission to "Porkify Austin".

Crimson Creek Smokehouse will be changing minds and shifting attitudes of even the most devout cattlemen, bringing the Austin BBQ scene over to the pork side...

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