About The Pitmaster

As a boy growing up in Southern Oklahoma, weekends meant family, blues music and lots and lots of barbeque. It was there, next to his father's grill that Pitmaster Marcus McNac learned that great barbecue takes the right wood, a lot of patience, and just the right blend of seasonings to bring it all together. And over the years he's learned that short cuts, wood pellets, and fancy gadgets just make bad barbeque.

Inspired by the flavors of his Father's pit, the Cajun flavors of Louisiana, and the slow smoky tradition of Texas barbeque, McNac founded Crimson Creek BBQ Company. After playing around and winning some local BBQ competitions, Crimson Creek quickly gained a reputation in Austin, TX for pork shoulder and spare ribs, as well as brisket and chicken.

Crimson Creek BBQ Co. is available to cater your private event, party, or corporate function. And now anyone can bring the award winning flavor home to their own pit with Red Dirt Rub and Spicy CC Sauce.