Red Dirt Rub - Barbeque Seasoning

Red Dirt Rub - Barbeque Seasoning

Crimson Creek BBQ Co.

$ 9.99

From our Pit to yours, we bring you our award winning Red Dirt Rub.

Red Dirt Rub is the secret behind our competition winning flavor and is the magic that makes us Crimson Creek BBQ Co. 

This custom blend has a medium level of heat and brings out the flavor that made you want to barbecue in the first place...because you want to eat some meat!

So get out there and use a little, or use a lot…Just rub some Red Dirt on it and get that Award Winning BBQ taste that's as big as Texas itself.


Beef, Pork, Chicken, Fish…heck, even Vegetables…Rub Some Red Dirt On It.

8.5oz shaker bottle